A letter from the CEO

A letter from the CEO

We are all caught in the event called the Covid-19 virus Pandemic. For us at LIFE Community Services it is almost ethereal. You look around at staff who don’t quite understand but sense it’s serious but don’t know what to do? Children who have no concept but to be happy to have a longer holiday? Other people who meet, have coffee, visit, etc. as though it’s just another day?

What is this silent demon called the Covid-19 virus really doing? It is spreading and infecting people who have no notion that they are being targeted and affected till it’s too late. It’s a “weak virus” that is bringing down the economies of countries, destroying the work force, and tearing families and friends apart.

As an organisation we appeal to all to GO HOME, close your doors to other for 21 days, seek the Lord, eat healthy, pray much, get fresh air as much as possible REST and let’s contain this virus that is no respecter of person.

For the 2 days, we will keep seeking the Wisdom of the Lord as we practice all the precautions we know of: Masks, hand-washing, sanitizing, social distancing, gloves, no close contact while we distribute food and clothing to all those in need till Thursday. Then it’s obey the Laws of the Land and be locked in with the Lord. Noah and his family were in the ark for much longer than the 40 days and 40 nights of the continuous rain with nowhere to go. I am sure we will all make 21 days and be part of the solution by our actions and not part of the problem.

Please continue to contribute; we will keep unused resources for when we re-open and need to roll out our activities once again. Please do not stop giving…. We need to maintain the ministry with all it is aspects and staff in a “on hold” motion. In order to do this, we will need monetary stimulation.

Bless you all as we continue to pray Psalm 91 over our family, friends and ministry.

Love Maryna DeVries