Community-Focussed Outreach

Community-Focussed Outreach

We believe that we can only affect real change by working at the heart of a community. Our centres
are strategically located to ensure that we can reach those most in need.

Our main hub is home to:

Community Centre

Children gather daily for: Bible-teaching; ministry; life-skills training (leadership, hygiene, nutrition, substance abuse) homework classes; and a healthy meal.

Music Academy

We lead the children in praise and worship. We also have a choir and offer dance and music lessons; giving students an opportunity to express themselves creatively.

Training Centre

Youth-focused training programmes, sport, discipleship and mentoring. We also use the facilities to train and develop our staff; with the majority living in the local communities.

Food Garden

Our on-site gardens provide a sustainable source of food for the kitchen, which offers regular meals for the children who visit each of the community centres.