Touch a life with Life Community Services

Touch a Life and Mend a Heart

Leaving a lasting imprint on the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa.

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Heart for a Child

Life Community Services focuses on meeting children in a holistic way, through the love of Jesus, education and food. Sometime the work can be overwhelming, but a question could shed light on this. How does someone eat an elephant? The answer, so simple, one bite at a time. This is something humourous, yet it still highlights such a very practical principle of achieving big vision with achievable steps.

Today, know that you are called by God, you are chosen to love the one. Whether that one is someone in your neighbourhood, or a child in George, South Africa. Make a decision today to live out what God has called us too, to love our neighbour. As each of us, choose to love our one, we will begin to see our communities and world change for Jesus.

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The Life Challenge

Men, this is an opportunity to live out your passion for the outdoors and invest in your local community at the same time.

2 Days; 10 Vehicles; 40 Men; Making a Difference

Date: 8-9 May 2021

Start: George (Saturday morning) – Overnight – George (Sunday evening)

Price: R10 000 for a car of 4 people.

Journey: Through the Baviaans

More Details to follow soon.

Who We Are

LIFE Community Services is a Christian NGO working to confront the dilemmas and crises facing orphaned and vulnerable children today in George, South Africa.

Life Community Outreach by Life Community Services

What We Do

We reach more than 4000 children each week (aged 0-18) through dynamic intervention programmes.

Have a look at our Sustainable Development Programmes

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Community-Focussed Outreach

Community-Focussed Outreach

We believe in working at the very heart of the communities that we serve. That is why we have strategically positioned centres in 8 of the area’s neediest communities. From here, we provide children with educational support, ministry and a meal every day.



In South Africa, many children are failed by an overstretched education system. This often leads to them either failing to achieve the necessary grades to progress or dropping out of school altogether. Our Bible-based education programmes ensure children get the best possible start in life.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

We have developed a number of programmes to tackle the alarmingly high levels of youth unemployment in the area. These include life skills training and a job creation scheme called ISIPHO.

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About LIFE Community Services

About Us

  • Motto

    Touch a Life and Mend a Heart

  • Mission

    To see the heart of the community changed through the Gospel, treating all people with LOVE, DIGNITY AND RESPECT.

  • Vision

    To establish and provide integrated community-based services that strengthen disadvantaged families, create job opportunities, and help individuals to fulfil their God-given potential.

children reached every week
satellite centres
children provided with a new school uniform each year
meals served every weekday

Latest News

Plant the Seed

Plant the Seed

When is the best time to plant a seed? 20 years ago. When is the second-best time to plant a seed? Today! Life Community Services is a thriving NPO that began 20 years ago. As we plan and look towards the next 20 years, we are asking you to plant with us in the future of hundreds of children in George, South Africa...

Our newsletter - December 2020

Our newsletter - December 2020

It has truly been a year of challenges for all of us all over the world. BUT it has been a year of opportunity as never before. The amount of miracles we witnessed day by day has been astounding. One thing that is evident in this time is that we are not alone and that the Lord is in control.

The Life Challenge

The Life Challenge

This November we will be hosting our first ever, The Life Challenge. What is it? It’s a 2 Day adventure on the sand roads from George, to Steytlerville through the Baviaans pass, and back to George again. It is a prime time to eat tasty food, build friendships with other men and enjoy different activities to test one’s manliness.

Our newsletter - The Blanket Drive

The Blanket Drive for 2000 blankets

The Blanket Drive for 2000 blankets that Russel Barends has initiated in partnership with us and Eden FM is a great initiative for individuals, families, small groups and businesses to get involved.