LIFE Community Services was established to confront the dilemmas and crises facing impoverished children today. 

When the needs of children in crisis begin to outweigh the capacity to minister to them, action must be taken. Churches, businesses and other organizations are all looking for ways to compassionately confront the overwhelming blight children are experiencing throughout the world.

LIFE Community Services is a direct response to this challenge.

LIFE Community Services ministry started in 1999 when a church (Patria Bible Church) in George (South Africa) saw that some children coming in off the street could not concentrate during services. This was apparently due to the lack of nutrition. The church inquired where these children came from and visited their community. Under the initiative of Myrtle Grimm and Dave Hooper, the outreach started in Parkdene. From these initial visits the ministry to 40 to 50 children was established on a regular basis.

In January of 2001, Philip and Maryna DeVries accepted the challenge and came from the United States of America (USA) to spearhead this outreach ministry. LIFE Community Services was registered as a not for profit organization and the work began. In September 2002, Sally Versfeld joined our team.

Some of the issues confronting the ministry is the fact that George’s  unfortunate “claim to fame” is the highest death rate of TB patients, a growing AIDS crisis, the highest per capita alcoholism, (which has lead to incredible poverty) and the highest per/capita divorce rate in the country.

Since the inception, other churches in this area have caught the vision and are giving meaningful support.

Currently we minister to underprivileged children and teenagers (newborn to 18 years old) with love, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, skills-training, nutritional food and meaningful programmes. We believe that by reaching the next generation we can make a positive impact on the community of George and surrounding area and South Africa.


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