First day back at Life Christian Academy

First day back at Life Christian Academy

New Year new beginnings!

2020 has started off with a blast and we now have 7 FULL classes! Four years ago we started with 13 grade 1 learners and one grade one class. Going into this year, we have two grade 1 classes, two grade 2 classes, two grade 3 classes and our one grade 4 class. Each of them are full, which make LCA filled to capacity with 175 learners. It was such a wonderful and blessed moment to see all the excited parents and first time learners dressed in their new school uniforms.

We also welcomed 3 new teachers: Miss Roxanne Boshoff, Miss Kerry –Leigh Roberts and Mrs Rosemaree van der Merwe.

Exciting news to look forward to in 2020. We will have our first live production taking place in August. Everyone (teachers and learners) are very excited to start practicing in a weeks’ time. In other exciting news, we will be launching our chess club which teacher Shaunese and Roxanne will lead. This Wednesday, the Great Tennis club will be testing the new grade 2 learners. This means we could grow to more than 12 learners getting lessons this year.

We pray that 2020 will be a year of great heights and successes.