The Blanket Drive for 2000 blankets

Life is Living

Due to Corona and the lockdown in South Africa, Life Community had to modify what we do to accomplish our objectives of reaching the children. There was no immediate plan, as all our centers were closed and our staff were not allowed out, unless they were deemed an essential service. The only permits we could get as an NPO was for our two drivers. Our initial plan was to ask volunteers to make sandwiches in their homes, which were then collected by the drivers and taken to the communities to feed the children at the different stations. This operation grew from feeding on average 450 – 500 children daily in the first week of lockdown, to now feeding approximately 1500 children daily at 11 different food stations. At each lockdown level we have had to require permits from local municipality to operate. However, God has been faithful, we have seen the incredible generosity of the many, who have donated finances, food and prayers to support us. We salute and thank each one of the many! We are stronger together.

Our way forward? Life will continue to live and be a bright shining light of hope to the community. Our Life Team and staff are committed to impacting and making a difference in George and our country. So I invite you as individuals, families, churches, businesses and corporates to stand in the gap with us, to continue to live. We are stronger together!

The Blanket Drive for 2000 blankets that Russel Barends has initiated in partnership with us and Eden FM is a great initiative for individuals, families, small groups and businesses to get involved.

Summer is starting later and later in George and surrounds, and well it is still cold, we would love to bless these children who still arrive in shorts and ripped jerseys and no shoes to our food stations with a blanket to keep warm. Please listen to Eden FM to get frequent updates on the drive, as well as follow Life Community on Instagram (@Lifecommunityservices) and Facebook (Life Community Services) for current daily posts too.

Blanket Drop off points are as follows:


Life Community Services
122 Cradock Street, George
Drop off Times – Monday – Friday – 08h00 – 16h00
Tell: 044 873 6601


New Life Church
68 Apiesdoring Street, Heiderand
Drop off Times – Tuesday – Friday – 09h00 – 14h00


Leef Gemeente
3 Heidelberg Road; Riversdale 6670
Drop off Times - Monday – Friday - 09h00 – 16h00
Tell: 063 429 2103


Island Church
46 Waterfront Drive; Knysna Central; 6570
Drop off Times – Tuesday – Thursday - 09h00 – 13h00


Ps Melanie
18 Rothman Street; Ladismith
Drop off Times – Monday – Friday - 09h00 – 16h00

All because of Jesus and the Life He has given to us. WE ARE LIVING AT LIFE.