Here at LIFE Community Services we are currently working in 8 different communities and serving 18 satellite communities. The communities where we serve and minister too are: Ballotsview, Conville, Pacaltsdorp, Borchards, Protea Park, Thembalethu and New Dawn Park. Presently we have only two part-time paid employees and get our primary support from the USA.
All the others associated with our ministry are volunteers and casual workers from the communities in George. Within the community centers’ we are serving approximately 3,000 children four times a week and another 1,000 at the satellite sites where the needs are great
Community centers are erected where the outreach takes place. A typical center consists of a cement slab a roof held up by poles with drop cloth and wood siding around the sides to break the wind. At 1200h and 1430h in the afternoon, we go to these centers and minister to the children. We bring them hope through the Gospel, skills through our training program, and food with our feeding program. Three out of the four days, the children are served with a “hot meal” that consists of stews and soups with all the necessary nutrients to combat malnutrition, kwashiorkor, rickets, etc. On Sundays, we serve sandwiches and milk.
In order to cope with feeding and ministering to thousands of children, it requires a large group of volunteers. These volunteers have to rally and give of their time on a consecutive basis. We thank them for their continued support to our ministry and The Lord.