Our Goals

To establish at least three more care centers in the neediest communities in George during the year 2010, where the following can be addressed:


Spiritual Needs (Spiritual Development)

o To bring the Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ to the children and adults and help them to develop a personal relationship with the Lord.


Educational Needs (Cognitive Development)

o To determine, with the help of the community, the educational needs and to attract resources to address the problems.

o  To establish preschool programmes in all the areas so that the foundational phase of education can be addressed in the communities we working in.

o To establish crèches in the communities so that the children who are in charge of  child-run families can leave their siblings in good care, where foundational education is prioritized.

o To provide a regular life-skills training, moral training, love and care for children whose parents are the victims of AIDS and cannot care for preschool children.

o To assist adults in skills-training, which in turn can lead to job creation.

o To have an area where skills-training can take place without moving of equipment etc.

o To have space to assist children and adults in “Bridging Education” where they have lacked in their education.

o To train and facilitate services in teaching basic English and Math, particularly to children. 

o  To establish a central  after school situation where projects, homework etc. Could be addressed and the necessary assistance could be given.

o To assist and encourage children who have left school, to return to complete and further their level of education.


Physical and Health Needs  (Physical Development)

o To obtain a building to use as a kitchen in close proximity to ministry locations.

o To provide the children with a healthy meal at least 4 times a week. This provides for a preventive program for diseases such as kwashiorkor, which has a negative developmental affect, both mentally and physically. Many children are suffering from this and other diseases.

o To create a common storehouse to collect goods (food, clothing, furniture, etc.) that can be distributed to the needy in the community through churches and community organizations. This will create a storehouse where the needs represented in the communities can be met in an ongoing fashion.

o To provide the children and community with training in basic health and hygiene.

o To provide adults with basic cooking, hygiene, nutrition training, sexual life-style teaching, family structure teaching and, leadership development.

o To address the alcoholism problem in this region, which is one of the highest per capita in the country, through the Gospel.

o To provide AIDS and TB education for adults due to the high mortality rate among children.

o To work with the community in providing basic health and first aid to the children.

o To have a “free” clinic for children who do not have access to medical care. This will bring AIDS and TB testing to the children who do not have access to medical facilities. Doctors and medical staff will donate their time and run this clinic.


Counseling and Community Needs

o To provide counseling where needed in traumatized situations or to refer persons to counselors. Many children and women are the victims of physical abuse and rape due to the unemployment and alcohol abuse in this area.

o To assist communities in establishing guidelines for discipline and taking responsibility for children as well as adults.

o To obtain a place (safe harbor) where counseling can take place and where abused children can be safe.

o To provide marriage and family counseling to the families that are devastated in these areas.  We refer the families to institutions who specialise in these areas such as FAMSA



o To continue working on the “Children’s Village” concept in this area.

o And finally to duplicate the “LIFE” Care Center’s concept in other parts of the country and the continent where the same dilemmas are being challenged.